Friday, April 20, 2007

first entry - congratulation...

i have finally overcame my natural lazy nature and i´m very happy to start this journal and share it with all of you.
it is now have been a month and a half of traveling in South America, it is never too late to start writing.
started out with papa in Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Urugauy.
the first part of the travel had been fun just for a while and it followed quite a lot of fighting and character crashes with papa. it came to a point where we decided that we should finish the trip sooner than planned. it happened in Bariloche. most of it was my fault to be quite narrow minded and not appreciating the time we were together. traveling in a car, eating in restaurants, not moving (physically) and getting fat with some real juicy Argentinian meat had made me a bit impatient and irritated. in the morning of Papa`s departure back to Israel, i walked him to the car and said goodbye. the atmosphere was heavy and moody. i could feel his disappointment without really saying anything. he left. i stood in the parking of the hotel wit a strange feeling. now i got what i wanted, being free to travel in my own style, but in the same time i felt bad and discouraged. i went back to sleep, and got up after 2 hours. still feeling bad. i checked out of the hotel and looked for a hostel to start my own trip. all the time having papa´s disappointed look in my head. i felt like i´m missing a big and important experience which would never happen again in my life. the whole day passed like that. i just couldn't´t think of starting my trip without finishing my trip with Papa as planned.
after 3 hours or so i finally came to the right conclusion and tried to reach Papa who was already back in Buenos aires. After an hour of tries i finally managed to speak with him. he was surprised to hear me and i was so glad to hear him again. i felt like i´m 8 years old again, calling papa after doing a bad thing and wishing his forgiveness. i asked him if he would like to have me back with him in his trip to Uruguay, his home town. first he hesitated but i stood firm and promised him i will behave and everything would be cool. we´ll be like Jack Nicholson and peter Fonda in Easy Riders. he said yes and i couldn't´t be happier. we made an appointment in Uruguay and i went to pack my things and arrange my flight. i knew things would be great with no more problems. my mom alway said i learn after the act is done. well, at least i learn.

Uruguay - 2 days later. i meet Papa. we hug in the airport, like we never hugged before. i could feel his excitement in his arms. also, i also realized that the visit to Uruguay was the most important part for him. to show me the city he grew up, his neighbourhood, the place were he the family restaurant was. everything about his childhood. he really loves this country.
i was very happy to back with him.
a real telenovela. Marco going back to Papa.. Ahhhh!!
alright, done with the sentimental part.
you can see some pictures from the 7 days in Uruguay in the gallery on the right of this blog. Enjoy.

the Internet place is closing now, so ciao for now
will update soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear
The photos and your blog make me
wish I was in South America too
keep them coming,
Take care of your self
and keep having fun

Anonymous said...

ps: I'm proud of you,Timna

Anonymous said...

keep on the free spirit!

Eilon said...

thanks so much
i promise i will keep having fun

Efrat said...

hi jackson
wonderful pictures (as usual...)
i envy (but in a good way...)
don't stpo shooting (pictures...)


elad said...

very nice
i put your pics on the desktop and it's like opening a window, allmost feel like
i'm there

keep 'em coming

Avri said...

What bike did you get? Where are you now? I'm courious...

Th stories are getting better and better

Timna said...

What a gorgeous dog, he looks like a good match for Fox
keep having fun