Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Paraguayan Chaco and the falling beauty

i arrived to the desert area of Paraguay called The Chaco on route to Bolivia. i wanted to visit this rarely visited area and see what it is about. in arriving to the first settlement by the name of Filadelfia, i met a lovely french girl named Jessica. what a strange and secluded place to meet a young girl traveling by her own. we took a tour in the surrounding areas and visited a few German colonies which has settled there some 80 years ago. it was quite interesting and the harsh and dry landscape was some kind of familiar from back home.

then we took the bike and had a small trip around the small dirt roads. it was great riding together and sharing the experience.
Jessica left after 3 days and i headed deeper into the chaco towards Bolivia.

Jessica !! if one day ...., i am here :)))
the riding on the chaco roads went smooth without any problems. the roads were perfectly paved and all i needed to do is take another 10 litter of Gasoline to make it into Bolivia.

first night i slept in the open after not reaching the only settlement around. then early in the morning i rushed towards the Bolivian border. i had a strong urge to arrive to this country and start a new and interesting adventure. i had quite enough of roaming alone in remote and secluded places, and i also needed to change the same flat landscape which had been around me for too long.

the border crossing went smooth and Chicho received his 90 days permit to stay in Bolivia not before the officer in the customs control had implied to me that he is short in cash. i smiled at him with a very stupid look, but he kept telling me that he is doing a great effort for me and he would appreciate my "donation". in exchange i kept looking at him with the same frozen stupid smile, and finally he gave up.
my lesson here is... to beat a stupid mind you have to play even more stupid.

i have arrived to Bolivia at mid day to find out that the roads are all gone. that's it for nice and paved asphalt roads. welcome to the land of dust, stones and more dust.

more to come from Bolivia.


Jonathan a k said...

Hey man!
I want this anteater!
whats up???

guess said...

natata la barosh?

guesswho said...

this is me above

Alex said...
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Cristina said...

Bueno, por fin estás en Bolivia,no sé cuanto te quedás pero si encontrás buena compañía como en el Chaco no te va a importar el tiempo!!! jaaaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog, amazing photos !!!!!!!