Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One stupid Bolivian driver and that's it.... for now

i will make it short.
on the way from Rurrenabake to Santa Cruz, in mid day, i was hit on the back from a stupid (motherfuckercocksuckinsonofabitchstupidassholewormeaterlyer) Bolivian driver who tried to overtake me. i drove thousands of KM's on unpaved roads, uphills, downhills, rocks and water. all went fine (in most cases), but as soon as i reached the asfalt road, i had this sad accident.

so suddenly i find my self lying on the enge of the road, and this man is looking at me with eyes full of fear. i don't remeber any impact or fall, just suddenly i was down on the ground.
i was transported to the local hospital in Trinidad with local by passers.
the damage:
5 broken ribs, twisted ankle and 7 stitches on my left knee.
more damage: the bastard who hit me took all my stuff with him and brought it back to me 3 days later with all my valuables missing. (except my professional camera which i insisted to reclaim it).
if this is not enough, he also charged me on crashing on his car and he wants me to pay his damages. ofcourse this will not happen.
i recieve help from the social worker in the hospital. hopefully all this will end soon and i will be on a plane to israel to recuperate.
the bike is damaged as well.
i feel good now, only suffering a bit from my ribs.

i see you soon my friends,


Gilad Horn said...

That's really too bad!
Get Well soon Brother.
Come visit us when you get back, we'll help you get well with some laughter and happiness

Dror said...

Bring the boys back home :-)

seliko said...

see ya soon my man!
It's all for the best in the end

lior said...

Sorry to hear,
you are well, thats great.

see you in IL

Cristina said...

No sabés como lamento todo lo que pasó!!!! Espero que por lo menos no te duelan mucho las costillas, porque sé que joroba mucho, hasta cuando respirás! Pensá solo que vos están bien ahora. Con eso alcanza! Cuidate.

Avri said...

Bad news indeed. Hope you ok, come home, get yourself fixed, and we'll try yachting next time.

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Anonymous said...

did you have to pay the hospital cash or have you been insured?

Anonymous said...

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