Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Iguazu Falls


after almost 2 weeks on the roads less traveled and with no contact with other tourists, i have arrived to Foz Do Iguazu, the Brazilian city which serves as a gateway to the Iguazu Falls.
i was very pleased to meet other travelers, share my experiences and spend some good time.

i met Ben from France, a Jewish guy who was in love with his "Dubon" coat. he reminded me old and forgotten times when i also had a "Dubon" and loved it.

so... Ben, my friend, keep loving that Dubon, and it will love you back :))
the falls were magnificent and bigger than life. nothing more to say, need to see it. we went to the Argentinian side which is more adventurous and closer to the falls.

After 3 days in the city i was ready to keep going, this time to the Pantanal nature resaerve.
i packed my bike and crossed to Paraguay, where gasoline is cheaper and better and people are just wonderfull.


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