Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The wild & the lonely

in the pantanal i met these 2 "retired" guys.
they both travel and camp with their camper van.
they met on the camping area and for me they seemed to know each other for ages.
one is 75 years old, single, no kids, curses all day and in constant look for hookers
the other is 78 years old, happily married, with his full mojo working.

could you guess who is who ???


Anonymous said...

Where is the answer?
The taller one looks like he got moor mojo, but maybe the shorter one is just camera shy so we can't see his mojo in the photo
It's a big question I'm going to ask all the girls in my office and see what they think :-)


Cristina said...

El más bajo es el soltero sin hijos y el otro tiene la panza de los mojitos, jaajaa!