Monday, August 20, 2007

The Brazilian Pantanal nature reserve

hello friends,
here are a few photos and a video from the a great 7 days trip i made to the Pantanal, a huge swampy nature reserve in Brazil.

i arrived to a small town named Bonito in Brazil. just by the name of it ( Bonito = Beautiful) i could guessed it would be a tourist trap. and so it was. the area around the town is sure beautiful but it is also expensive as hell and every place should be visited with a guide, which takes the fun out of it.
i met some people on the local youth hostel and they were all taking a guided, all-inclusive "safari" trip to the Pantanal nature reserve. in all my travels i try to avoid these guided tours, but at this point, i wanted some more human company. eventually i decided not to join a tour and go solo with Chicho, my trusted bike. i have been warned about the rough road in the reserve, which was all dirt , gravel and stones. me & Chicho were going on an adventure and a challenge. a 150 k"m of off road driving, which would be a small warm up to the forthcoming journey to the Paraguayan Chaco (details soon..) and Bolivia.

i rode for 3 days in this amazing nature reserve, surrounded by millions of birds and Cayman alligators which could be seen all along the rout. in the second night i asked one of the few farmers in the area to camp in his Fazenda (farm) and he agreed without hesitation. i stayed 2 days with his family and he took me for a private horse ride and animal watching. i stopped missing any other travelers companion and just enjoyed the deeply lazy pace of farm life.

in the middle of the 3rd day of riding i finally met another bike rider. Pieter, a Belgian guy, was just starting his solo ride into the Pantanal. we switched some information and made a small plan to ride together for a few days. and so we did. we met again after 2 days and rode together back on the long road to Bonito. it was a great experience to ride together and share the adventures.

Cayman aligators

till the next one



Dror said...

Who is the crazy guy on the back, walking near the aligators?

Cristina said...

Tooooodoooo muuuyy hermoso y exitante!!! Pero como te atreves a estar tan cerca de esos bichos tan voraces!!!jejejejee, mirá que Dios te acompaña, pero él no puede estar todo el tiempo atras tuyo eh!!!! También tiene otros socios del club a quien cuidar, viste???!!! Me parece que te lo estás acaparando todo para vos!!!jajajaaa! Por favor dale unas vacaciones, que acá tambien lo necesitamos! jua!

Itai said...

Che Boludo,
Nothing to eat in Brazil?
Where is your belly?

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