Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leaving Montevideo After 2 1/2 weeks

this posting is specially dedicated to the stuff of Palermo art hostel in Montevideo. Luis, Anita,Nico,Irene and Marianela. thanks so much...
so.... I left Montevideo after 3 weeks of stay in a beautiful and friendly hostel. The hostel was built by Luis & Ana, a young couple who promotes art and dedicated the hostel to art lovers. i offered them to take photos of the neighbourhood and the Candombe scene which takes place just around the corner. he accepted my offer and therefore i traded my photos for my stay.
it's funny how things change their value depending on location and time. in Israel i could sell these photos for hundreds of US$, but here they served me for a room. needless to say that this deal was just right for me, at this time and at this place.

The hostel was great. it is located in a quarter named Palermo where the Candombe drummers play their weekly routine on the streets.
i joined a group of Candombe drummers (Cuerda in Spanish) and escorted them through their drum practice for the annual Carnaval which takes place at February.

in their routine they warm up the wooden drum with near the fire until they sound just right. then the group aligns in rows where the leaders are in the front conducting the beat to the rest of the group. then they march along the street for 500 meters (give or take) in a slow pace and small steps imitating the steps taken by their ancestors black slaves who could march only with chains on their feet. the group must keep perfect pace and rhythm. young drummers who choose to join the group sometimes get their hands bloody for keeping the pace.

for more info on Candombe look here:

at the rest of the days i wondered along this laid back city. it has great beaches, very long boardwalk (Rambla), very nice weather and a slow slow pace. sometimes too slow. Nico, a young guy from the hostel showed me around some of the best Pizzas i have eaten (even better than those in Italy).

so i leave you with the photos. click here for more:

i now go north and will enter Brazil in a few days.




nico said...

hey !!! ya te extraniamos mucho por aca eilon! un placer para mi tambien haberte conocido y haber compartido tantos dias juntos!
guarda bien el llaver que te regale, el de la bota del cowboy que te va a traer mucha suerte en el resto de la road adventure!
besos de todos y a seguir disfrutando del soft bolivian metal de scorpions forever! jaj abrazo giganteeeee! nos hablamos!

Jonathan k said...

great pictures!
some made me very hungry...mmmmmm....
wonder what i'm going to eat today.

Cristina said...

Qué buenas fotos Eilón, me impresionó la de la mano ensangrentada!!!!
Espero que tengas buen viaje hacia Brasil y con Chicho también!

Itai said...

Ai papi que chivito.