Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tristan Narvaja Sunday market, Montevideo

Hello Comrads !!
i here report you from the weirdest flea market i have seen, at least until now...
Tristan Narvaja Sunday market in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In a country which preserves almost anything, the people here just sells anything which has a form.
old grenades,coca cola bottle taps, 60's posters and magazines, first model of Macintosh, used nails and more.
my uncle Leibe told me he saw a stall of false teeth for sale.
i looked for it the whole day, but did not find it.
instead i found this glorious Bolivian musician. he left me with a stupid smile for the whole day.

so friends, i leave you with this.
and remember

(Tali & Joe, this one is for you)




Anonymous said...

Hola Eilon !
I'm alex from the palermoarthostel (Where's the baby ?!).
I found your blog and i have to tell you it�s amazing... your pictures are really great !
I'm now in Punta del Este, it was really nice to meet you, i will follow your experiences with your blog!

Take care

(I also met the guy from south africa in Colonia, but unfortunatly, we didn't talk as much as you did...)

Joe korman said...

Hey ombre!
see you find a picture of me doing ski...
it's a great picture, maybe we'll use it// did i see a "marco" (HALEV) comics in the small pics??...and the little football player is also very cool.
Great stuff.
all good?

Cristina said...

Ese mercado es LO MÁS!!!! Yo lo visité hace 30 años y te juro que nada cambió! Cuando vuelvas dentro de otros 30 lo vas a ver igual!!!!
Disfrutá mucho!

Efrat said...

i saw teeth! not human but still teeth...

Itai said...


By the way, my father's house is at the far end of Tristan Narvaja market.