Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The way from Uruguay to Brazil


Riding has become a routine.

i wake up around 8:30, stretch a lot , eat breakfast and ask permission from chicho to ride. he doesn't always let me. some problems had occurred now and then, none of them are serious. like Tomasito (from a previous post) and Robocop (thanks to Eran) say: "everything is fixable".

the days are changing from one end to another. one day could be just glorious and sunny when the riding is a pure pleasure. other days could be raining like hell and quite cold (tough not freezing). in Uruguay i just stop in a farm and ask for permission to camp on their ground. they always say yes. in Brazil it is another story. people are very friendly but have less trust for other people. i approached two farmers and they both send me to another place. the last farmer had this big empty Hangar near the gas station.

he sent me there and allowed me to sleep inside. there i met this lovely family who live just beside the gas station and have a shop for truck and car batteries.

in the morning when i tried to start the bike.... surprise, surprise, the battery was completely dead. it died in the perfect place. Pedro, the owner made a small makeup to the battery and charged it and now it is like new.

so here is the battery family.

and here are some really funny Uruguayan kids, i guess they are from the West Coast, yehh!!

bye now,

starting to miss you a bit

E + C


Cristina said...

Qué buena la gente que te recibe sin saber nada de vos... aunque a veces tengan desconfianza. Y qué bueno que es Chicho, que si se le descompone algo lo hace en el lugar indicado!!! jjajjaa! Ese es un amigo!

Eilon said...

Gracias Cristy
i miss you all