Tuesday, July 24, 2007

People are strange..


i left Montevideo after beginning a photo project about the strange names of the Uruguayans.
my papa had told me before we came here about an author named Leonardo Haberkorn who wrote a story about the rare names of some of the Uruguayans. in his story (which is a true one) he tells about people with rare names like: Roosvelt Stalin, Musolini Baptista, Waltdisney Dutra, John Lennon Medina and... here comes the strongest one. Hitler Dasilva. yes yes, in Uruguay there are 3 persons who are called Hitler. i am sure lots of German people would see that as a sick joke, but these people carry that name without any problem.

i located Leonardo in Montevideo and told him i would like to take portraits of these people. we joined forces and now i am in pursuit around Uruguay for strange people with strange names.

our mails to each other looked even stranger. it looked like : "hey leonardo, today i photographed Hitler. it went good. he is a really nice guy. can you send me the phone number of John Lennon? is he in Montevideo? by the way, Walt Disney did not want his photo taken. bye for now, eilon".

i here give you a few of them:

Winston Churchill Umpierez

Trademar Lemos (as for Trade Mark)

John Lennon Medina (he doesn't know any Beatles song)

Hitler Dasilva

Hitler Aguire

and his son Hitler

thanks for all of you who commented on my blog.

bye for now

and if you find Che Guevara or Jim Morisson, give me a call. i need their photos for my project.




Jonathan Lenin Hendrix said...

Great idea and great photos!!!
realy love it and Mrs.Hendrix as well.
go and find all of these people.
have a great week. j.

Jean Michel Basquiat Mahalu said...

Shit's brilliant...!
And the portraits are really beautiful. I liked the way Hitler posed for ya, like a real bad guy.

Cool and the gang

Anonymous said...

This is great,
love this idea, love the names and love the photo's, does the Hitler gang know after who they are named or are they happy and ignorant about it ?
I can't wait for you to get to Brazil, I'm looking foreword to see your photo's and notes(and Brazilian music as well hopefully), kisses
Keep them coming

Anonymous said...

May Be God is also in Uruguay?
Under Wich Family Name You Think Is Registered?

Anonymous said...

it is really strange to call his son hitler or winston churchill, but why not in case that they don t accept his ideas.....this is a very interesting project...you have to continue this....
the pictures are really amazing, you do a good work.
see u,

Cristina said...

La idea me parece muy original, y las caras ni te cuento!!!!! ahora te digo, después de ver esos nombres... mi nombre me parece de lo más vulgar. Tengo que pensar en otro bien loco y canchero, Ya se me va a ocurrir algo.
Entonces si vas a hacer este trabajo, no salís para Brasil?!
Bueno, EXITOS donde te quedes

Itai said...

What about "Dos a Uno"?
Last Suterday my father's sister told me on what game the name is about.
Great project, but i am still checking everyday my mailbox (at home) for the Chivito to arrive....