Saturday, June 2, 2007

Houston - The bike is rolling

Today i made some last arrangement and modifications to the bike.
After endless searches in the city, i finally found this really nice workshop called "Canos de escapes Esteban" run by Patricio, the son of esteban. they usually repair exhausts for cars, but their big hobby and great passion is customizing motorbikes and building custom racing cars.
Patricio was very kind and finished the job just like he said, no problems.
we enforced the back grill, where the bags and the tent will be placed and we also made a special camera holder on the handlebar so i could shoot video while driving. looking forward for that.

Tomorrow, at 9:00 I'll start my motorcycle trip through South America.
first stop will be Colonia in Uruguay. i am taking a 3 hour boat from Buenos Aires and i will meet my cousin Itai in Montevideo after a few hours.
that's of course if everything passes well.

Ahhh, so excited.

talk soon


Eran Mahalu said...

That place looks so cool, I love them workshops where they'll do anything you need. And that camera holder on the handlebar - that's genius! can't wait to see the results..!

Lula said...

Good for people to know.