Friday, June 15, 2007

Unfortunate mishape

I first saw a Bide in our first family overseas vacation in Greece, somewhere in the 80's. i was 5 years old. me and my brothers were so excited to have a double toilet in our room. we thought we were special.
then we grew up.

i kept seeing this little deformed toilet seat in many occasions. never in Israel.
i also heard a few jokes of some hill Billie, country folks who thought that the toilet seat is broken.
but all this famous international experience did prevent me from pissing in the bide, a few days ago when i had just a little bit too much of red wine. i was so surprised by my act that i started laughing. i watched that nobody sees me and tried to correct my act by flushing the water. then it hit me the second time by a rapid flow coming from the bottom of the "broken toilet".
Don't drink and piss anywhere were it's not your home ground.
and many more conclusions.

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