Friday, June 15, 2007

Rural Argentina and passing on to Uruguay


it's been a week of riding now, and what a ride it was, and what a ride it will be !!!

i am having my dream come true. i meet excellent local people who greet me to their houses, give me place to stay and share their food with me. all i wish now is to meet another crazy chica with a bike like mine to share this excellent and unique road.
i will not go into tiring details, just see the pictures.

after Gualeguaychu i moved on to a Jewish rural village and i have met the local undertaker.

he welcomed me to stay in his backyard, and so i did. i spent 3 days in his little community.
then we met his neighbour, a 79 years old farmer,a Gaucho in Spanish. he rides everyday on his motorbike to his farm.

i took a picture of him and printed it for him. it is amazing how excited they all get when they receive their pictures.

then i moved on and passed to Uruguay.

no border problems. just like that. it made me so happy to know that i could get out of Argentina. now I'm free to go wherever i want.

Uruguay is an amazing little country, undiscovered by tourism, which makes it a little piece of heaven. full of old villages, old cars in excellent condition (this fully working 1937 Chevrolet is for sale for 1200 US$).

excellent people, welcoming and untouched. helpful and honest. what can i say, i wish it will keep looking like that.

Chicho is doing fine, although the headlamp was broken by the shakes of the dirt roads. we were lucky enough to have Tomasito, this friendly Uruguayan farmer, who helped me fix it in his workshop.

we went through our first dirt road today, and it went just fine. had to around 60 km"h, but now i am more optimistic about the rest of the trip. i think chicho will make it. like Tomasito says: everything is fixable.

bye now

take care



Eran Mahalu said...

Tomasito stole this line from Robocop!!

Cristina said...

No sabés que contenta me pone saber que ya cruzaste a Uruguay sin problemas, ahora empieza la verdadera joda!!!jajajaa!

Avri said...

How many experiences can one have in such a short time...