Thursday, June 21, 2007

International man of mystery

Meet Ludevig, a 36 years old guy from South Africa.
i met him on the hostel in Colonia, Uruguay.
at first, everything looked normal. we connected for our same interest in motorcycles and our advanced age in backpackers terms. he helped me with my photos of old cars around the city.
we had good conversations and he told me interesting stuff about his life in south Africa and the situation over there.
one day we made a big barbecue and invited some other people from the hostel. Ludevig bought some beers and we had a good night full of food and alcohol. but he didn't stop drinking since then. right this moment, 4 days later he is still under the influence and keeps drinking. since that day, his stories got more and more rare and unbelievable. so here are the top ten stories. believe it or not:
  1. He used to be a very wealthy man in South Africa. He has 17 million US dollars in his home account.
  2. He divorced from his wife after catching her in bed with his best friend.
  3. His mom passed away a week ago after having the Parkinson disease for years. she was buried a week later. yesterday, another traveler from the hostel told me Ludevig's mom passed away just yesterday.
  4. He his an officer in the South African special forces. all of his friends from the unit were killed, but he survived because he believes in god.
  5. He once visited in Israel. illegally. He was flying a jet plane of the army and had to stop in a secret army base in the north of the country. he does not remember the name of it.
  6. While living in the Kalahari desert in Africa, he killed numerous black people who invaded his house. this is one of the reasons for his divorce.
  7. One of his missions for the South African Army was to shoot Nelson Mandela. He refused the order and i quote now: "...i looked in the Telescope of my sniper rifle and identified Nelson Mandela. i took my eye out of my telescope and looked at my Sergeant. i told him, if i shoot this man, a lot of people will get killed. and i don't want to be responsible for any more deaths." after this incident he was discharged from the army and exiled from South Africa. that is the reason he can not return to his land.
  8. 2 weeks ago he met a British girl in the hostel. she was working for the British intelligence, MI5. they spent a romantic weekend in the lovely streets of one point she went and checked his background in the MI5 main computer. when she came back she looked at him and said: " I must have sex with you right this moment". they did it. then he asked her about this and she told him she discovered he is ranked 15 in the wold's most dangerous person list.
  9. He owns a farm and a house in New Zealand.
  10. He think he should leave the hostel and go to Colombia and start trafficking drugs for a living.

At the moment, he lives in the hostel and pays his living as a handyman. the hostel pays him 5 dollars a day. his stories are getting more and more obscure and detached from reality.

i go out of here tomorrow and i really don't know what will happen with him. the people from the hostel try to talk him to go back home to South Africa, but he keeps changing his plan every second.

now he told me he is going to buy a bike and join me !!!!!!!

ciao amigos, got to run.............

i wish him well and great health.


Anonymous said...

be carefull-i think he's a mesuvav legamrei.

Eilon said...

He is Mesuvav im teudot.
i already left. as far as i checked, he is not behind me.

friday at the center of the sun said...

It's funny, this species can be found all around the world, full of imagination and lacking any kind of shame. Sometimes they believe their stories so much, they actually persuade you what they say is true.

Usually they are really harmless and lonely. They'll say they were the president of the USA for a bit of attention.

Cristina said...

Qué personaje!! Me parece que está medio chapita (reloco). Por las dudas no le creas nada, debe ser un mitómano. DE todas manera si no es peligroso es divertido.

Timna said...

You Shuld have keept the dog he could protect you from sickos like that
Love your photos

Jonathan a korman said...

This man should write a book..maybe you'll do it for him- it will be a best seller for sure.