Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Houston, now we really have a problem :(

I have managed to prepare everything i needed for the ride. i bought a ticket to Uruguay to meet my cousin. i woke up early that Saturday with great anticipation and excitment. Just to make things even more perfect, i even met an Argentinian girl who made me happy for the last 2 days.

But the Argentinian customs have different plans for me on their agenda. just as i was starting my bike to get on the boat, the customs officer stopped me and asked for an Argentinian ID. i told him that io'm a tourist and i don't have any local I.D. , but here, i have a passport and international insurance and the bike is registered on my name. just like i was told. oooohhh noooo. NO SENIOR!! if you want to leave the country with the bike you got to have an Argentinian ID.

for the next 2 minutes i was speechless. the whole last month has rewinded in my head terminating in a big black nothing. i knew i couldn't speak to them or do anything. i was shocked by this discovery and i went back home with a great feeling of despair. i was also angry of myself for not checking thoroughly the customs laws and regulations. i did check at the border of Argentina and Chile, but they didn't say anything about it. welcome to South America Hombre!!

now it is 2 days after. i am leaving Buenos the day after tomorrow heading north. i still haven't given up yet. i will go through each border on the way and luckily i will find one that will let me out of this country. in the meanwhile I'll enjoy what Argentina has to offer.

that was a big lesson for me, but also a big recovery.
i feel good and full of energy. she has a big part of it .

talk soon

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